Available Sunday School & Bible Classes



              9:50 am

                 Childrens Sunday School

                      Location:  Family Life Center

             9:50 am           

                Topic:   Young Family Bible Study  (Various Topics)

                   Lead by:  Pastor Presley

                   Location:  Family Life Center - Life Tree Cafe'

               Topic:  "God's Word Today: Isaiah"  

                   Lead by:  Ron Schneider

                   Location:  Fellowship Hall              

                  Topic:  "God's Word Today: 1st Peter - God's Chosen People"

                   Lead by:  Anita Knack and Sue Seils

                   Location:  Room D

               Topic:  New Member Class (Started 04-08-2018)

                    Lead by:  Pastor Easterling

                    Location:  Room G


          10:00 am                  

               Topic:  Various Topics (Currently - The Screwtape Letters by C S Lewis)

                   Lead by:  Pastor Easterling

                   Location:  Fellowship Hall


          7:30 am                                     

               Topic:  Men's Bible Breakfast

                   Lead by:  Pastor John Easterling

                   Location:  Cozy Kitchen Restaurant


          9:30 am                

               Topic:  Ladies' Bible Study

                   Lead by:  Various Leaders

                   Location:  Fireside Room in the FLC


         6:00 - 8:00 pm               

               "Pub Theology"   Faith, Fellowship, and Foam  
     Meets on the last Thursday of the month to meditate on a theological topic & discuss it's importance.
(Moved to Friday the 27th for July 2018 only)

                   Lead by:  Pastor Presley

                   Location:  Rapps Barren Brewery,  1343 AR-5 - Mountain Home, AR.  72653

Other Small Group Bible Classes:  Various Times

               Topic:  Various Topics

                   Lead by:  Various Leaders

                   Details:  See Pastor John for more details or check in the office